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Your donation help provides the tool necessary to equip our participants with uniforms, equipment, insurance, and much more allowing us to assist in building up the next generation
Enriching young men with Christ through athletics.  

Welcome to Gladiators Sports Academy

Dedicated to the mentorship of young men through athletics.  We believe that the conduit of athletics is a great way for young men to obtain an understanding of true life matters. We teach the core values of commitment, integrity, respect, responsibility, teamwork, and valor.  Each of our core values are easily demonstrated through athletics.

The Gladiator 12 Project 

We have created a unique culture here at Gladiator Sports, and have comprised serval visuals from our current and past families. Giving insight into our culture, mission, and heart at Gladiator Sports. 

All Videos

All Videos

Gladiator Sports

P.O. Box 14624

Greenville, SC


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