We aim to foster an atmosphere of community and family among our athletes, through a unified team mentality. We desire to build meaningful relationships as we play the games we love. For all of our athletes, we hope to feel like a home away from home.


Life Skills

Accountability, time management, organization, stress management, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and a willingness to learn and lead.

Health & Fitness

 We believe the development of a healthy mind and body helps us maintain wellness.  Disciplining our bodies for peak performance physically through sweat and energy and mentally through self-control and building a healthy self-confidence.


We help set young athletes on the right track to achieve educational milestones, such as acquiring a high school diploma or GED through community resource connections.

Goal Setting

Goals get us places. Learning how to make plans for the future is a critical step in reaching our destination.

Spiritual Growth

Just as muscles are built through consistent, challenging exercises, our inner self can only grow through the daily discipline of Scripture reading and the exercise of faith.  We learn and apply spiritual principles to our lives.


We believe the presence of a trusted counselor in young lives is invaluable. Mentoring provides our young athletes an opportunity to receive valuable advice from those that have already been where they are now. Our mentors make a profound impact by leading by example.
Our passion at Gladiator Sports is to assist in developing the character of young men.
Using the conduit of athletics, we implement the strategies of
Connect, Assess & Disciple.