The Gladiator

Author Unknown

The man who goes on until he can go no further, who reaches the limit of human endurance, and then holds on another minute,

has reached the minute that counts.


It is that last minute, the other side of breaking point which marks THE GLADIATOR.  You can find that last minute in the hundredth man, in the soldier who exclaimed before battle:

"If I fall, I'll fight on my knees."


Of all human qualities that have lit up the somberness of this tragic earth, I count this, of being a GLADIATOR, the happiest.


It has saved more souls than penance and punishment; it has rescued more business enterprises than shrewdness; it has won more battles and more games, and altogether loosed more hard knots in the tangled skein of destiny than any other virtue.


Most people are quitters.  They reach the limit.  They are familiar with the last straw.  But the hundredth man is a GLADIATOR.  You cannot corner him.  He will not give up.  Don't try to drown him, he won't sink.  He cannot find the word "fail" in his vocabulary.  He has never learned to whine.


What shall we do with him?  There is nothing to do but hand him SUCCESS.  It is just as well to hand him the prize, for he will get it eventually!

The Gladiator - Poem
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