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Why Gladiators?


Young people are impressionable.  As is custom for all of us, they mirror the behaviors and attitudes that are modeled for them.  Without positive examples to emulate, young people often end up off course.  When passions and pursuits are misguided, it can be dangerous and disastrous.  When passions and pursuits are wisely guided, they can bring much success and satisfaction.

There is a need to develop leadership identities in the young people of today.  Gladiator Sports strives to provide a place where passion for athletics can be properly guided in an environment that promotes character qualities essential to effective leadership.  We hope to intercept young people facing uncertainty about their future and equip them with the tools, motivation, and renewed vision to reach their potential and make a difference, leading others with strength of character and faith.


We demonstrate COMMITMENT by consistently showing up to practices and games.  We show up and support each other.

We are people of INTEGRITY who live out our core values.


We show RESPECT to our teammates, our coaches, our opponents, ourselves, and the time-honored tradition of sports.


We take RESPONSIBILITY for our attitudes, our actions, and the choices we make.


We honor TEAMWORK by caring for one another and knowing that our success comes through a unified effort. 


We exhibit VALOR when we take to the arena, prepared to do our best in the challenge that lies before us regardless of the end result.

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