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Head Coach

Mario Moraga

No Equipment? No Problem.

We have equipment for you to use, as well as some available for purchase. When you're ready to buy your own gear, we're happy to recommend some local retailers.


Anyone interested in learning about lacrosse is welcomed!  Anyone and ALL ages.  Come join The Gladiators today!!

Entering his seventh year as head coach, Coach Moraga brings passion and knowledge to the Gladiator coaching staff!  He was a two year Captain with All Conference nominations in high school. He played collegiate lacrosse at the D1 and D2 levels finishing his college career at Montclair State University in N.J. playing attack and also serving as team captain. He has assisted in coaching at high school level Asheville, 2010-2013.  


His coaching philosophy stems from his own experience and believes that players must focus on the fundamentals of catching, throwing, scooping and passing to one another - playing as a unit.

Training Tips from Coach Mario:

  • Push Ups: 20 - 50, daily

  • Sit Ups: 50 - 100, daily

  • Stick Work: Wall ball, 15 minutes each hand

  • Jog: 20 Minutes, 3 times a week

  • Diet: NO Soda, NO energy drinks.

    • Hydrate with 8 glasses of water per day.

Gladiator Sports Academy

P.O. Box 15824 Asheville, NC 28813 | (828) 779-4679

Morningstar Storage is a proud sponsor of Gladiator Sports, and we thank them for their support!

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