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     The goal of our academy is to provide an alternative private Christian high school education with a concentration in athletic training and leadership development for young men in Greenville, South Carolina, and the surrounding area.

  • Gladiator Sports Academy will have two components

    • An athletic component that will providing physical education and training for student-athletes.

    • An academic component, providing high-school-level coursework through Liberty University Online Academy, accompanied by mentoring and tutoring.

  • For young men grades 8th-12th who are struggling with scholastic achievement in a traditional learning environment, or have limited opportunities to participate in high school sports.

  • A year round program with periodic breaks for needed down time, as well as being off for major holidays

  • Start at anytime during the year.  New classes start every Monday (except Mondays that are a holiday or follow a holiday).

  • Gladiator Sports Academy will help student-athletes thrive to reach their fullest potential through individualized and adaptive learning paths.

  • Gladiator Sports Academy integrates academic achievement, athletic training, and leadership development with the desire to develop the whole individual through a high-quality, high-touch approach to learning.

  • Our goal is to have a 1:5 staff-participant ratio, with a maximum enrollment of 20 full-time students.

  • A small learning environment will allow us to maintain greater one-on-one instruction, enabling us to assist our student-athletes to individuate so they may achieve their full potential.

     We recognize the need to develop leadership identities in today's young people and are dedicated to the mentorship of young men through athletics. We believe that the conduit of athletics is a great way for young men to obtain an understanding of true life matters. We hope to intercept young people facing uncertainty about their future and equip them with the tools, motivation, and renewed vision to reach their full potential and make a difference, leading others with strength of character and faith.

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